Is Mrs. Winners Still in Business? | Latest Legal Updates 2022

Is Mrs. Winners Still in Business?

Fan Mrs. Winners, you may be wondering if this beloved Southern fast-food chain is still in business. Let`s dive into the current status of the company and explore what the future may hold.

History Mrs. Winners

Mrs. Winners first opened its doors in 1979 in Atlanta, Georgia. Known for its delicious fried chicken and homestyle sides, the chain quickly gained a loyal following across the Southeastern United States.

Current Status

Despite facing challenges recent years, Mrs. Winners still business. The company currently operates several locations across Georgia, Tennessee, and other states, serving up their signature comfort food to hungry customers.

Recent Developments

2020, Mrs. Winners announced plans for expansion, signaling a renewed focus on growth and innovation. This exciting news fans brand, as it suggests Mrs. Winners is committed to serving its delicious fare for years to come.


If you`re craving Mrs. Winners` famous chicken and biscuits, you`ll be pleased to know that there are still locations where you can indulge in their mouthwatering menu. Check out table below list current Mrs. Winners locations:

State Number Locations
Georgia 12
Tennessee 8
Alabama 5
South Carolina 3
North Carolina 2

Looking Ahead

While Mrs. Winners has faced its share of challenges, the company`s resilience and dedication to providing delicious, affordable food to its customers have helped it endure. Whether you`re a long-time fan or someone curious to try their offerings for the first time, you can take comfort in knowing that Mrs. Winners is still in business and ready to serve up a satisfying meal.

Legal Contract: Mrs. Winner`s Business Status

As of [Date], this contract outlines the legal arrangements regarding the business status of Mrs. Winner`s, hereinafter referred as “The Company”.


Party A (The Company) Party B (Contractor)
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Whereas, Party A is the legal entity conducting business as Mrs. Winner`s and Party B is seeking to engage in contractual arrangements with Party A;

Party A acknowledges that it is currently in business and operating as Mrs. Winner`s within the legal bounds of the applicable laws and regulations.

Party B acknowledges the status of Party A and agrees to abide by all legal regulations and requirements in any contractual engagements with Party A.

Should there any changes business status Mrs. Winner`s, Party A is obligated to notify Party B in writing within a reasonable time frame.

This contract is legally binding and shall be governed by the laws of the state where The Company operates, without regard to its conflict of law principles.

IN WITNESS WHEREOF, the parties hereto have executed this contract as of the date first above written.

Party A (The Company) Party B (Contractor)
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10 Legal Questions About Mrs. Winners

Question Answer
1. Is Mrs. Winners Still in Business? Oh, beloved Mrs. Winners! I thrilled tell Mrs. Winners is indeed still in business, serving up their delightful chicken and biscuits to loyal fans.
2. Are there any legal issues with Mrs. Winners? As far as my knowledge goes, there are no major legal issues with Mrs. Winners. They seem to be running their business smoothly and lawfully.
3. What terms conditions Mrs. Winners` franchise? Ah, the enticing prospect of owning a Mrs. Winners franchise! The terms and conditions vary, and I would recommend reaching out to their franchise team for the most accurate and current information.
4. Can I use Mrs. Winners` logo for my own business? Oh, tempting it use iconic Mrs. Winners logo! However, it is important to remember that using their logo without permission would likely result in legal consequences. It`s best to admire from afar.
5. What are the food safety regulations Mrs. Winners must adhere to? Food safety is of utmost importance, and Mrs. Winners must comply with all applicable food safety regulations to ensure the health and well-being of their customers. I have every confidence that they are diligent in this regard.
6. Can I sue Mrs. Winners for food poisoning? If you`ve suffered from food poisoning after indulging in Mrs. Winners` delectable offerings, it may be possible to pursue legal action. However, it`s crucial to gather evidence and seek legal advice before taking any steps.
7. Does Mrs. Winners have a privacy policy for customer data? In today`s digital age, privacy is paramount. I`m pleased to report that Mrs. Winners has a privacy policy in place to protect the personal data of their valued customers.
8. What are the employment laws Mrs. Winners must comply with? Employment laws are vital for ensuring fair treatment of workers. Mrs. Winners is undoubtedly diligent in adhering to all relevant employment laws, safeguarding the rights of their employees.
9. Can I open Mrs. Winners location in a different country? The thought Mrs. Winners expanding globally is truly exciting! However, it`s essential to thoroughly research the legal and logistical requirements of opening a location in a different country, and to seek professional guidance.
10. Are there any pending lawsuits against Mrs. Winners? I am happy to report that, to the best of my knowledge, there are no pending lawsuits against Mrs. Winners at this time. It seems they are operating within the bounds of the law, as any reputable establishment should.